William R. Curry

Company E - 313th Engineers

 L-R) William R Curry (Corp, Mulberry, Kan)

 James B. Potts (Pvt., Cameron, Mo)

Sitting Henry G. Schroer (Pvt., Moscow Mills. Mo.)


Sent home to his parents from France

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Corporal WM. Curry

Born in Arcadia, Kansas, June 20, 1890, son of James and Laurina Curry. Entered service June 28, 1918, in Company E, 313th Engineers. Trained at Camp Dodge, Iowa. Warranted corporal. Present address Mulberry, Kansas.


Stories told to his son!


He told me of his friend spending $20 for one chicken to feed himself.  Dad paid $20 for a horse and fed a whole group of people.


In France a lot of time was wasted clearing the area when the Engineers wanted to detonate explosives for construction.  Dad demonstrated, based on his experience with dynamite in the coal mines of Southeast Kansas, that you can control the blast and reduce the amount of area to be cleared  thus reducing the amount of time lost.


I have friends that are into Trail riding with their horses.  Dad took his discharge in New York and the Army gave him the cost of transportation back to Kansas.  He took the money, bought a horse, and spent three months riding home to Kansas.  That's a trail ride.