John Pinney

John Sherwood Pinney (Age 17 or 18)

Pinney, John S., Pvt., 1st Cl


An interesting side to this story is John's Grandfather Curtis Sherwood Pinney fought in the Civil War along with 3 of his brothers in the 154th New York Volunteers. Fought at Bull Run, Chancellorville and Gettysburg. Curtis also was with General Sherman's "March to the Sea". A copy of a letter that Pinney had written concerning Curtis Pinney's pioneer move to Michigan from New York after the Civil War. It's quite interesting and can be viewed at   (In the picture Herman Albert Pinney was John's father)

All photos courtesy of Gary R Byar <>

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John in front of ambulance Camp Dodge - 1917/18 Camp Dodge Camp Dodge - barracks
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Family visit - Camp Dodge Camp Dodge Transport Home! John's Map - France

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