Shull Diary


Louis E. Shull

Abilene Kans


Co B 313 F.S. Bn

Camp Dodge


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August 13-18

Jersey City to - Camp Mills -Ferry Plainville - to Transport   - Babylon - to camp - Ferry Babylon

American Expeditionary Forces

May 29-1919

Jan 14th





(Oct 31st)sign in muster roll and get 2nd shot in arm some boys get sick Kickel taken to hospital rest all in bed have Dr. up in room twice but boys spent pretty good night (Nov 1st) Feel ok this am but right shoulder is sore rest of boys feeling better and able to be around (Nov 2) longest hike we have taken so far close to 12 miles pm half holiday (3rd) regular inspection complimented by the captain in regard to how we kept up our appearance and also our room. (4th) nothing new (5th) Ntg new (6th)get part of our horses (7th) get balance of our horses (8th) ntg new (9th) short arm inspection take 1st hike out to target range and exercise horses for 1 hour in pm and off for rest of day (10th) ntg new but on stable detail all day boys got shot in arm (11th) ntg new but got on 1st fire police duty walk around in PM (12th) off details get 3rd shot in arm (13th) stable detail also get 3rd vaccination (14th) 1st throw fm horse (15th) ntg new in am Guard duty for PM for 24 hours 1st time (16th) off guard duty at 4 PM (17th) on Kitchen duty (18th) Spl detail for being late in line (19th) room orderly (20th) ntg new on officers qtrs cleaning (21st) Kitchen police (22) 3rd fire police we also moved into our new quarters (23rd) rest of bunch(?) went on 15 mile hike but was in bed sleeping holiday in pm (24) ntg new some drilling it snowed part of PM (25) ntg new (26) ntg (27) ntg (28) ntg except drilling (29th) Thanksgiving dinner J Archer ----th took dinner + went to D. Matter lunch with B Gragg (30th) am Smith jirked from bus on returning to camp fractured skull taken to hospital not expected to live. in PM his folks came (December 1st) inspection. horses assigned M18 to me 51/2 mile hike to Polk City in PM returning at 5 learning that Smith passed away 310 PM body taken to DM (2nd) Funeral of Smith in DM all Bn went in DM on Spl return in PM (3rd) on first shift fire police drilling in PM no school in eve on account of a lecture in YMCA Bldg which we all have to attend in a body (4th) drill in am spl drill in PM of 2-3-4th squad account not doing squad right instead we all done colome (column?) right 4th squad was excused after 25 minutes drill account of good drilling (5th) working on road in am and filling barn up with dirt in PM also get our 2nd pay 33.00 (6th)on sick list cold and sore throat first time on sick list (7th)on KP Mess Hall throat still sore (8th)Reg inspection no drill in am on coal detail in PM cold NW blowing (9th)still cold ntg new (10th)on sick list on am throat till sore and on fire Police in PM until 830 PM (11th)on sick list Dr said had mumps so sent me down to hospital for 21 days throat was mighty sore hardly could swallow (12)still sore (13)still sore (14th)got 1st mail fm barracks also pass from UP fm Ks to day (15)some better (16-17-18) throat not much swellen up now feels better got stuff from barracks that I sent for. 10 new cases came in (19th)7 new cases in am 3 in PM (20th)3 new cases 76 in all (21st)16 let out 7 new cases came in (22)few out and sm in (23)ntg new (24)3 out 4 in 12 shines(?) now in (25)X-mas 3 cases out (26)one shine came in early in am 2 out marked swelling all gone (27)ntg new (28)second day on KP -------ed 2- s----- swelling gone (29)8 men out 1 shine and 1 white came in still on KP (30)Sunday still on KP marked duty on am sure happy (31)discharged from hospital and in time to stand muster feeling fine


(1)New Year down to barn for first time in evening we all hear Ex President Soft speak at Ymca. (2)3 shift of fire police first detail since came from hospital. Prvt Sc Mahanney transferred over to Co H. (3)on Mess hall police recd word of W.J. Corrigan Mother’s death at Casey Iowa (4)on wagon detail go after hay in am + hall garbage and coal in PM (5th)on mess hall police (6th)ntg new most of boys went to town cold wind blowing all day and also snowing (7th)on 2 trick(?) fire 420am till 1230P and 110P till 210P our first lesson with the gas mask on putting on average time made 8 seconds time required 6 seconds (8th)first am drill for a week on pass to town first time since Smith’s death (9th)on MP (10)ntg new (11th)cold NW wind at 9 it was 20 below (12)inspection as 11P last night it was 22 Below on --- in PM (13)First time in city to attend church (14)on MP all day (15)reg am work out also witness practice of LFA practice on field N of camp (16)ntg new still cold (17th)on wagon detail take 3rd lesson in gas time 6 seconds (18th)ntg new took first horse ride since we first got them (19th)on fire police (20) on town go to church am + Eve (21st)on kitchen police (22)feet inspection day (23)ntg new no school in eve act B Ball game and lecture at Y (24th)ntg new on guard for second time (25th)tests in PM first tests that grades were given wig wag 82 semphore(sic) 92 telegraph 100 go to YMCA in eve to show "Pirates of Penzence" (26)on kitchen police. snowed all am (27)on fire in PM snowed most of the day (28)ntg new first lesson on telephone construction and working parts by lieut at barracks about six blocks south. (29)ntg new (30)on mess hall in eve was 21 below at barracks. (31)stand muster on wagon in PM Feb 1st ntg new (2nd)inspection ntg more (3rd)on mess hall (4th)ntg new (5)on fire in PM our piano arrived from city (6th)ntg new attend opening night of new Liberty theatre of Rip Van Winkle (7th)ano fine day also pay day (8th)on mess hall sleet rain + snow all PM(9th)inspection (10)in town letter in church out to Mrs Hugh G Welfton 2413 Second ave (11th)on fire at officers qtrs(12th)ntg new take our first singing lesson at Ymca at noon (13th)ntg new on fire in PM (14th)ntg new misty in PM wind comes up at 830P to 20 above no school in eve (15)on KP go to movie at eve at Liberty ato-----d (16th)inspection (17th)attend SS + church in PM and social hour at 4 PM first time in church in eve met Edwards. (18)ntg new got word Capt Fairbanks leaves us (19th)on fire in am Captain leaves for Ft Leavenworth (20th) ntg new (21st)on mess hall (22)Wash Birthday holiday (23)inspection all co goes to town to attend dance given by co mothers. (24)ntg new finest day out for some time tool walk over to hospital with Jabes. (25th)ntg new (26th)on wagon detail sign muster roll (27th)ntg new (28th)on KP first day we all wash our own dishes

March 1st 1918

stand inspection (2nd)inspection (3rd)on am fire shift ntg new (4th)ntg new (5th)on wagon detail at gravel pit also pay day (6th)on gravel detail (7th)on Mess Hall (8th)second appointment with Dentist filled two more (9th) on coal detail at officers qtrs first shift. (10th)in town attend Baptist church also their B.Y.P.U. social hour met Miss Shnel. (11th)ntg new (12th)on gravel detail (13th)in KP (14th)third appointment with Dentist (15th)went on long hike 81/2 miles + laid tel wire under ground (16th)on fire police in AM inspections also about all in head ache take dose salts at noon (17th)in town take dinner with Miss Lashepell after dinner and P.Y.P.U. take Miss Shnell (18th)on KP (19th)on ditch digging all day (20th)ntg new (21st)ntg new (22nd)ntg new (23rd)on fire in PM inspection by major. (24th)in town for SS + church also date with Miss Theil(?) go out to Drake University (25th)go down to big school take long Brakes place (26)at school (27)at school (28th)first time on nite fire shift (29th)Longbrake comes back sign pay roll (30th)ntg new inspection picture taken of company 9 boys got word to leave Monday morning an 2nd shift guard (31st)in town dinner at LaChapelle

April 1st

ntg new stand muster (2nd)on K.P. (3rd)first time in trenches patrol line from turn to art field to water tank off at midnight (4th)to trenches again at 5PM on till 12 midnight (5th)go to Ham factory at 11 till noon take longbrakes place in PM account sickness Boys left here yesterday morning Bunker Halbedell Peck King Register Stokes Moline Powell Brown Glenn (6th)still at signal school not much doing (7th)in town with Nellie dinner at Mrs. Lachapelle out to Ft Des Moines (8th)ntg new (9th)leave school at noon take smallwood store(?) in PM at school (10)ntg new (11th)mess hall police (12th)ntg new (13th)on mess hall (14th)Sunday off to town. Take few pictures after church walk home with Miss Twining and Leta (15th)on fire shift all day 4am 830 PM McKee sick, quarters take his place rest of boys building walk officers quarters to barracks (16th)Battalion review before General Getty and 404th Bn + major also major Eastman + Ainsworth had 35th Inf Band out in AM appointment with dentist one tooth filled on road gang rest of PM making auto drive officers quarters to road and finishing up building the sidewalk. (17th)raining most of day on sand hit all day in eve leave 535 PM for 5 day pass home miss twin at Herrold by 5 mins come back to main street get jitney just make it to depot about 5 mins before train pulled out for Omaha. 655 PM arrive Co Bluffs Iowa 1120 PM leave 1135 arrive Omaha 1146 P Leave Omaha U.P. No 13 1240 AM (18th)arrive Kearney 506 am Thursday morning see May at 1030 at office also meet Miss Alma Barnes mgr of Postal Teleg Company go to show in eve stay at U.P. Hotel (19th)with Mc all day leave Ki(?) no10 832 PM for Grand Island leave GD 1002 PM for Marysville raining at GD snowing at Fairbury train 2 hours 8 mins late at Marysville being 501 am about 2 inches of snow on ground leave "M" (20th)1030 am arrive Manhattan 1255 PM at Garrison Crossing about 3 to 4 inches of snow on gnd and falling fast leave "MH" no 103 223 P 15 mins late arrive Abilene 459 PM about hour + 15 mins late. (21st)go to SS + church in morning but not in eve (22nd)nice + warm leave for Dodge on 104 instead of 102 arrive KC on time go out + see Alice and Orville take RI 1110 P with Stapleton for Des Moines arrive O.T. 7 AM Tuesday (23rd)get to camp at 830 am ready for grind (24th)on kitchen all day fill appointment with dentist filled 3 teeth (25th)Bn review in am regular fwg am rest of am. On Grand detail in PM wagon haul two loads (26th)Liberty day holiday go to Y 11 am till 12 go over to Remount in PM stand retreat Movie at Y in eve "My Official Wife" C K Young (27th)inspection in am Bailey + I take walk up to Dog town by way of Railroad on fire all night Saturday eve (28th)slept all Sunday morning and in camp all day Sunday raining most of the day (29th)drill hour in am in mist + rain rest of am in teleg class on stable clean up with bob wire fence and posts (30th)muster at 9 am finish up with Dentist and appointment with Dr Bacon at 1 PM. at Hospital to see Capt Test padded up my foot infirmery said to report on sick call in am (May 1st)in qrs but work in kitchen all day (May 2nd)Pay day class in am Gas in PM ntg new (May 3rd)ntg new (4th)on fire guard 6 am till 9 PM (5th)in town out to Mrs La Chapelle for dinner 1st time take Miss Holmes to church (6th)rain all am ntg but drill a little (7th)on section work (8th)on wagon detail (9th)ntg new wind and dust blowing hard (10th)on K.P.(11th)inspection neg programs in PM (12th)on pass out to see H Kraybill His folks hear he being in town (13th)rain snow and sleet in am no drill but little hike in PM our sec practicing on opening and closing stations on horse back (14th)on stables part of am rest am first time on putting up our tents. PM go to Liberty Theatre for singing class until 330 P Rest of period in Helio (15th)on station "KO" 29th and Beaver road cook our first meal away from Barracks 1 spud 1 onion 3 slices bacon 2 bread sugar coffee also 2 eggs which us four bought Silvery Schulte and Beck. (16th)out with wire cart again this time as msgr at station B wind still blowing like hell. (17th)on detail at Lt Keys office in am we loaded 1 car of ammicator(?) set billed(?) for Omaha and brought back a load for the supply here boys go on hike to Polk City got wet before they got back I missed the rain both in am and PM. (18th)inspection (19th)sunday on KP in town after 3 PM (20th)on trench work again but no night work yet help lay two sta lines open sta in Co A Barracks they back to KO for rest of day Capt Hayes there most of PM (21)raining inside work little hike in am singing school in PM Y No 94 (22nd)ntg new Sec one got 2 week account fld work done (23rd)our sec goes to stables new line up showes me as Lt Holder (24th)rain in am no Hike until PM took about 2 1/2 mile one (25th)inspection on KP till 10 am let cake ice fall on toe Horse stepped on marked qrs in PM (26th)Sunday still on qrs ntg new (27th)qrs rain several times during day (28th)still qrs Down to see Capt Test again come back in five days (29th)Out of qrs but stay off marches and drills (30th)ntg new in town in eve see Mr Lachapelle getting along fine sign pay roll (31st)ntg new

JUNE 1918

(1st)at stables in am washing saddles (2nd)see Capt Minor Hospital 1 PM go in town at 425P car ride with soldier at Mrs Twining. (3rd)in detail at "Y" first time posted on Bd (4th)ntg new (5th)ntg new in town in eve (6th)on detail at "Y" called to barracks at noon relieved by Myers start out on Division Maneavors(sic) walk about 15 miles get in camp 1130P bed 12 midnight out Co put out 31 miles wire (7th)get up 415 am get out to field 6 am work until 11 am 1 am at 16th Fa Regn Hdqrs Ntg doing in PM (8th)same maneuvers as Friday quit at noon no inspection off for rest of PM also in town (9th)sunday in town first time at Riverview Park with Ada (10th)taking up wire (11th)taking up wire Sgt Groom of Co A knocked off motorcycle in DM skull fractured (12th)still taking up wire in town in eve (13th)Sgt Groom Died in AM still taking up wire (14th)taking up wire in am funeral of Groom in PM 4 PM entire Bn attend excused for rest of day see Ada (15th)finish taking up wire and string 2 more for artillery for Monday 16 men of co fixing up twisted pair of artillery line over country. (16th)on K.P. in town in eve see "A"(17th)on Detail at Sig school (18th)school also on fire all week (19th)still of fire (20)on night fire (21)take gas at gas house also Exam for T.B. at Infirmery (22nd)still at school (23)in town to picnic at Grandview Park with Ada. Dora and Russell Hare (24th)back to school (25)relieved at school at noon all signal men come back to compies(?) on PM have dental inspection marked 1 D signing school at Liberty after inspection (26th)ntg new Physical inspection at noon also Herzberg says he is gg to leave us.(27th)several hard rains in am on stable detail in town in PM Ada/we take long hike in am N of dog town dog got run over. (29th)inspection first time over to 337 artillery instructor on Buzzer. ntg in PM (30th)in town in PM for social hour

JULY 1st

still at Ham school in PM (2nd)on KP until noon (3rd)ntg new still at school (4th)in town in PM go swimming (5th)ntg new stay in camp go to "Y" first time in camp for five days (6th)at school go to town in eve no date, (7th)on KP go in town in PM for Picnic supper at Union Park (8th)Monday in camp have first lesson in mkg up our packs (9th)in town fill date with Ada also have little hike with packs (10th)ntg new (11th)ntg new (12th)no passes General clean up day for inspection of General inspector from Wn (13th)inspec at Bull pen entire Bn out also put on a demonstration of opening Station with wire cart at signal trenches in town eve PM at artillery school (14th)in town rain in evening Ada’s sister + mom(?) drove up from Easterville Ia. for few days visit Ada worked at office from 1 P till 830 P so can be off Monday (15th)on K.P. relieved at noon for artillery school (16th)ntg new at school (17th)art on a maneuver in PM we go out in town in eve (18th)in town at am acct artillery pass get back at noon at Ft Des M see Kraybill advised he left July 4th at artillery in PM (19th.)on stables + on wagon detail take horses back over to remount in am (20st)on KP in town in eve probably last time with Ada attend meeting at Drake Stadium in PM given by soldiers. (21nd)our last PM over at artillery (22nd)at barns most all day cleaning up + pkg in town in Eve on Pass to Ada (23)ntg much little at barn in am and ntg in PM as we have inspection se----ery + check on our oversea’s clothing also in town. (24th)ntg new in town on pass to Ada (25th)in town at Postal office (26th)on long hike north of Dog town about 16 mile longest ever taken (27th)in town in eve also on KP all day (28th)in town in am with Ada all day attend church in am at University Christian Church out to Urbandale in PM and Edna + Sgt with us in eve (29th)turn bag in also send my suit home in PM we went swimming in the river (30th)ntg new in PM we are issued our safety razors in town take A to Postal office (31st)Pay Day also swimming agn


Victor Schulte + my self Ada in to Dara’s home for supper (2nd)Co went on hike my first lesson or time on motorcycle instructed by Hare went up to Dogtown and back confined to camp for week by 1st sgt for missing formation on hike. (3rd)wear gas mask out to swimming hole and back saw 2nd Lieut who gave me pass to town the 4th Sunday (4th)in town to Mrs LaChapelle for dinner Vic Schulte goes in with me Miss Dora over I am with Ada, I also P to her (5th)on little hike on PM about 2 and half miles bunch goes in to town to see Ringling Bros Bob Green + Wollerman(?) in town in am to be married to their girls.(6th)on detail at "Y" no 94 all day (7th)our first lesson on checking boarding ship. Ada out to see me (8th)in to town to see Ada our last time in town final Pass(9th)final clean up ready to leave in AM (10th)first call 515 am assembly 750 am adjutant(?) call 810 am leave for coaches Mrs LaChapelle Twining + Leta out leave came Dodge 945 am via Ill to Granger via CM + STP Rwy to Madrid take mainline to East at 1130 am eat dinner at Land Iowa 130 to 215 PM. Weather fine but very hot and dry. off at Savanah Ills 30 mins arrive ch go 1130 P leave over Grand S------ 2 am via Battle Creek Flint + Port Huron Michigan making fine time cloudy all day had pretty good night sleep on train. Hit Niagra Falls Sunday eve we all march down to falls at 1030 off train about hour got caught in rain before we get back to car leave over Leigh Valley RR South thru Penn bound for Jersey City New Jersey arrive about 10 but sleep all night in cars and in am we ferry across the east river to Long Island hence RR to camp and march abt 3 miles to camp our quarters in eve Hall + I went to "Y" and meet the artillery just coming in camp from Dodge. clothes check in eve (14th)slept pretty good but a little cool toward morning first call at 545 am have short arm inspection and take up clothing condemed in the morning hard rain in eve at supper time (15th)ntg new except get some of our clothes (16th)inspection final issue junk all passes to town recalled (17th)First call 430 am mess at 445 am Leave camp 7 am to RR arrive dock at 915 take Babylon to Transport Bohemian and embark on it at 1230 PM leave 4 PM to Bay stay there over night finally sail 1230 P Sunday noon the (18th)Ferry boat to camp from Jersey City Plainsville eat 4 times a day tea at 8 Bkfast 9 Dinner 2 P supper at 8 call(?) to quarters at 9 PM. (19th)Ocean calm so far convey from New York turn back during last night some time (20th)sea calm see my first school of sharks length about 10 feet at 7 PM said to be about 300 miles East of Boston (21st)on guard ship. sea calm (22nd)eat Bkfast af cmg off guard 930 am (23rd)3 more ships join us during the night turns foggy (24th)clears up again been on water a week at 1230 P (25th)cloudy and cool second Sunday spent on water but all getting tired of voage(sic) still having short arm inspection every day started raining late this PM and still at it 9 PM (26th)on guard cloudy and cold some rain in PM. talk with T Neal of Dodge City of Hdqrs. 337 artillery first talk with him (27th)off guard at 5 am cleared up but wind still blowing see another school of small sharks. (28th)MkP(?) portables sea calm as ever been (29th)eight new sub chasers joined us daring the night making a total of 21 ships in fleet also sign the payroll sea still calm (30th)on guard for 24 hours 3rd shift Co B last shot at guard on ship view land side of hills first time 530 PM in eve passed fleet going west early in am with large convoy three boats left us during night now have 9 ships and 9 sub chasers. latest report will ankor(sic) sometime this evening. (31st) ankor(sic) in harbor Liverpool 1030 am but at 1130 still on boat debark at 330 P march thru town Maj Answorth at boat to meet us get in an tail end of a parade having in town meet 69 + 68th artillery also 51st teleg Bn all corp put on guard shot one 51st fellow at night for not halting Nelson Lauber Mote + myself volenteer(sic) for KP to last as long as we are in this camp this is there(sic) raining season


still raining issued 3 wool Blankets on KP first time I have all my clothes off for sleep since time we left Train Jersey City (2nd)get up at 2 am for KP on fire get off at 6 am fix up pack(?) line up with Co leave tents at 715 am load on train at 815 am leave 820 am for South Hampton while enroute pass german prison camp arrive at docks 430 P detrain march out to camp edge of town some pretty place + have supper (3rd)leave camp at 1230 PM for boat. Loved(?) dinner at 1130 am load on boat at 330 P Narragaset for Havre France arrive in eve but embark in am (4th)Debark at 945 am march thru town to English rest camp no 1 about 5 miles. (5th)Leave Le Havre at 11 P via train (6th)at 5 PM near suburb of Paris take south course + see some of 404th bunch (7th)when wake up still on train at Aisy France see some of the 351 infantry. Detrain at Semur(?) at 1150 am march out to billet about 2 miles (8th)Sunday off all day excused we go to town went up got back at 830 P told by capt 15 mile hike full pack (9th)pack up what necessarty(sic) leave at 2 PM march to Quincerot bunk for the night had supper about 2 miles this side by road side (10th)leave pack there and have maneuvers we -- - go to about 3 1/2 kilometers back of Quincerot. caught out in rain from 12 till evening --ntg to have good stew in all we walk about 20 miles major Ainsworth + Eastman there (11th)move our bunks upstairs no formation today still raining outside (12th)move our qtrs up town (13th)orders to keep minute notice in eve go thru the Catholic church (14th)leave Semur with full pack to Les Laumes on foot leave 930 arrive at 1230 P have lunch get more of our equipment here before we entrain leave at 4 P for Hericourt supposed to go to Belfordt but changed account raid on city night before so our route changed (15th)arrive Hericourt about 4 or 5 before day break cold + foggy detrain and eat breakfast also dinner Captain Having hard time to find decent quarters leave track for St Valbert where A + B stay go in town in eve (16th)on street sweeping in am + help mixed mud for range at river bridge in PM also go to town in eve (17th)ntg new borrow 2 dollars (10 francs) form Norlin (18th)montie shows up first time 10th schedule of day posted have telegraph + field work + reveille starting Saturday (19th)ntg new on some detail part of day (20th)had supper several nights out in woods also get first mail since we been across 8 letters (21st)1 letter + 2 card notice that we leave in am 50 of Co in full pack (22nd)730 am Sunday ready to leave am issued a watch in eve still hear didnt leave McIntosh + I go over to cemetary see the pretty tomb stones. rain most of the day (23rd)sleep in billets, make up our packs to leave in a minute notice still raining half of Co get paid run out of small change Vaudeville act at Y by 5 US people 2 girls 3 men 1 girl from Wash DC + Colo Spgs. Billy Gould from N.Y. Mpls + San Francisco our comdr Gen Wringett is present (24th)still raining in am quit abt 2 PM (25th)on KP also our first shot at bath house up town in eve issued our 2nd wool blanket and fill ticks with hay. (26th)abt half of Co sick with colds + grips. in town at Y in eve hear Bill Downs talk (27th)on hike look up + find Samples of Dodge City with Coe MG company 338 located a---rs fm cotton mill (28th)On KP Ft Campbell also issued our gass mask movie at Y in eve (29th)take long walk in am by self + Hall Baily + Andres + I go out in woods for dinner go to bed in eve instead of town (30th)take 3 hr hike in country try to circle hill North west of us but didnt make it got on wrong road in PM walked up town with Hall but didnt go up in eve

October 1st 1918

go with Baily to cemetary in am and top of hill in PM saw 1 Kas boy in hospital Sgt Swarts got back from front (2nd)on K.P. take shower in PM up town bought my watch crystal 1.25 in PM 350 inf band gave concert at "Y" (3rd)ntg new got some mail in eve (4th)get Bx cigars + 18 cans velvet in AM on gas practice make it on time ntg so far in PM. concert in PM at Y given by French good (5th)ntg new get orders to have our packs ready to move Didnt go tonight (6th)Pack up leave Hericourt at 1 PM sharp Petit Croix 730 PM all tired out make 15 mile hike full pack on foot (7th)In AM witness my first air battle 2 Broche + 1 French machine air guns busy (8th)On KP in eve notified leave for trenches in AM hard rain all day (9th)issued our pistols in am pack all ready eat supper still no further orders as too when we leave for front get more mail this PM letter no 2 from Ada also first letter fm May C sleep all night (10th)leave at 10 am on foot full pack for mount view cross line from France to Alsais Germany at 1010 am at Mview take truck to Trabach La Ho get here(?) at 430 P (11th)ntg new in am view little of country see 3 of Co C men (12th)see more of country go out with a French signal man to a dugout cut in 2 pair at night the heavy bombardment by the Boche (13th)with Newt to Ca to see McIntosh hear that kitchen where Wilkins is was shot away and 7 others killed (14th)out to FRONT LINE Trenches to L post 2 + 4 get a good view of No Man’s Land see village of Ammertzwiller Boche front line (15th)ntg new (16th)Burial of Capt of 350 inf + soldiers also mailed some letters with one 2 --- of 350 (17th)make ready to come back to Petit Croix Whistler goes to Buffalo relieve Wilkins - Reed Canada R McIntosh truck picks us ---- get back about 330 Pm (18th)on stable detail (19th)help run some 20 miles if wire on our wire carts also get some mail first letter from Evelyn Langasch (20th)raining all am go over to Mount View in PM (21st)making tin tags all day for tel lines (22nd)still at it make 120 more (23rd)finish up in am go out on line work in PM on guard all night (24th)at noon woke up to get pack ready to come out to relieve Whistler at Buffalo. Bailey brought me out in Motor cycle arrive 4 PM also meet Capt Hayes + Col Eastman (25th)in all day reg Fr opr went to Dannemarie in am back at noon ntg new going on (26th)go to town in am to the 1st YMCA come right back ntg new up to 3 PM. See 1st French card game hr in eve!(27th)up at 6 am shave and go to Dannemarie meet Reed from Canada stay in till 3 P start back arrive hr 430 P see lots of Boche Planes in air. (28th)ntg new (29th)Vant(?) Perry + Wilkins out in PM from Canada (30th)ntg new relieved by Co C man beat it in eve to Dannemarie stay there for night (31st)caught a truck over to Fontaine there see bunch + run into wire cart detail taking up wire laid by 29th came in on cart get in time for supper.

November 1st 1918

on wood detail in PM. (2nd 1918)on KP in am some of Co A + B + C got orders to leave at 2 PM planes changed stay for night unpack (3rd)on KP Co’s leave at 9 am (4th)on KP rest of Bn leave at 1 P for Belfort on foot packs on wagons I ride we arrive 730 P got on wrong road 4K out of way turn to R instead of Left and go there Main St Belfort. (5th)ntg new Pack up at noon for Departure for Fontaine Alasace perminent(sic) assignment with rail head Corrigan Moreland Messeman(?) Shull Johnson Wakefield Lennon (6th)ntg new (7th)first trick on wire 12 on 48 off at 3 PM official word from Belfort Germany signed Armistice Hostilities to cease at 4 PM today 430 P Belfort on wire said above announce as not being official (8th)in Belfort for first time stay all night at hotel (9th)back to Fontaine in AM (10th)in PM back to Belfort at noon Lt informed us when we was to leave (11th)back at fo(?) 9 am they have orders we will leave as soon as get ready 4 PM or --- will leave for Belfort to entrain Lv Bfot am (12th)Leave at 920 am entraining for Azreiville on train all day + night (13th)detrain at 830 am got motor truck to bring us over here from rail head (14th)ntg new (15th)ntg new (16th)still at AVRAINVILLE (17th)ntg new (18th)ntg new (19th)ntg new (20th)first hike since been in Avrainville Johnson + I over to Royaumeix via Manancourt + railhead while their(sic) go thru the church also go in the tower have 3 bells date 1881 in side two large Amn flags on walls clocks stopped church just been cleaned up for usage since Armastice signed (21st)in am Johnston and I go out for walk in pine tree grove sure some fine trip thru the woods and we have our first bath in Avrainville in PM Holvey brought over the pay roll to sign (22nd)on the board (23rd)ntg new (24th)go in truck with OM(?) bunch up to the Flery Front to look over the German front line before the big drive Sept 2nd started by Yanks (25th)sprinkled last night also some today mail came in today(26th)more mail (27th)ntg new (28)all pack up to leave in am place not known we get some clothes rain all day (28th)ntg new did not leave as pm(?) schedule now in am (30th)leave at 110 P in truck for Horville arrive at 6 PM go thru Gondrecourt


Sunday on shit detail in am cleaning around the barns. also get some mail (2nd)on KP all of Co C comes in (3rd)on wood detail in am mail in PM ntg new or ntg doing (4th)go on guard at 4 PM (5th)off guard at 4 PM (6th)MK + I in Gondrecourt Div out on 3 days maneuvers this last day go thru old church built in 1361 (7th)on stable in am + town in PM to see vaudeville by 175th inf at YMCA (8th)walk over to Doromery with McIntosh + Korns to see Birth Place of Jenne D’Arc (9th)on KP holiday for our Co most of boys go over to Doromery (10th)on road detail all day shoveling mud (11th)on first Hike with Co since cmg back went over to Chassny + back (12th)short hike to Tovilliers(?) also get some mail in PM first in 11 days. (13th)on mud detail all day also Paid Day rainy (14th)inspection my first in France also get some mail (15th)notice given Johnston + I leave for gas school 10 P last night with full pack leave at 1110 am in ford for St JOIRE arrived at 12 noon fine day sun shinning(sic) (16th)1st call 615 mess immediately afterwards formation at 745 am in 19th squad have little platoon drilling + lecture in am in PM out on hill with smoke bombs we all throw one heavy rain catch us before we for back (17th)still at school raining all day (18th)still raining school out at noon Johnston + I come back at noon to company (19th)rain all day some sleet first seen in France (20th)on detail with Sgt Cross raining all day (21st)on detail in am Sgt Cross out of inspection in PM go to guard end shift (22nd)still raining off guard at 2 PM (23rd)come in town in PM with Rustmeyer still raining some mail comes in this AM letter from Minnie dated Nov 28th saying her father was killed Nov 21 by Santa Fe No 4 on Second Ave going north after waiting for a RJ train to clear the crossing (24th)working on detail with Cross at supply house roof in PM see our first SNOW in France (25th)Xmas day Program in eve fine all feeling fine, chicken dinner snowing most of the day (26th)ntg new (27th)detail Sgt Cross on roof of supply house go on guard at 4 PM (28th)off guard at 4 PM rain all day + night (29th)some rain at 12 P we got notice from Major the Bn was under quarantine noon to leave this area why for not said. (30th)some more rain at noon Wake + I given orders to meet Lt Insul at 2 PM for MP duty after seeing him told to report back to our Co. (31st)ntg new at 4 P called to report to Sgt Ashenbach at billet 15 Wake goes pm at 4 P till 6 am + I sleep at 15 move bunk but dont go to bed till 1245 am hear bells + whistles from Gondrecourt.

JANUARY 1st-1919-(Horville

I go on MP duty for first time at 6 am off at 6 PM (2nd)still raining get up at 930 am ntg new (3rd)still raining rec first letters for some time No 17 written Dec 1st mailed 2nd + from Co(?) society from home first mail since Dec 14th (4th)First short arm inspection since being over in France also some mail from home (5th)still raining + cloudy. also get my Xmas box from home (6th)on duty 12 A till 6 am sleep till 10 am go in town in afternoon see show at Y also get some more mail in AM (7th)ntg new on duty midnight (8th)off at 6 am Gilbore + I go over to Domremy in am left 1 P going to Gon catch truck part way then change + get another one which takes us there arriving at 3 P leaving again at 6 P catch a card "Dodge" right to Gondrecourt arr 645 P get out to Horville 730 PM (9th)rain today letter from Mrs LaC + Mrs Mills (10th)Pay day I also get my pay book (11th)inspection of clothing. Clear in town (12th)on duty off at 6 am abt inch + half snow on ground in am first real snow (13th)ntg new snow all melted + sun out some (14th)on duty till 6 am. Gilborne + I walk over to Grand see Mosiaque Temple + church Temple said to be built 200 years BC leave hr 9 arrive 1230 leave 330 P air(?) 635 PM (15th)some mail ntg new (16th)on duty rain in am more mail in town in PM (17th)ntg new mail in 2 letters from A no 190 + 20 in town in PM (18th)ntg new (19th)ntg new cloudy (20th)on duty in town in PM (21st)ntg new (22nd)ntg new on duty in am cold N wind Photo from Evelyn in mail (23rd)in town clear + cold ntg new (24th)ntg new on duty Reg shift cold N W (25th)ntg new clear cool in town on returning 945 PM We have orders to make inspection of all Billets see if men are sleeping head + foot as per orders this made at 1030 P 1130 to 1230 am run down Myers of Co C drunk for trying to get in saloon door. (26th)on duty Reg trick lots of mail comes in at noon from Auntie Ada + B (27th)inch of snow on gnd when I get up (28th)duty reg trick ntg new built shelf in billet clear (29th)clear in town take in Mo-Kan Minstrels 35th Div sure fine (30th)reg trick duty gnd just fine covered with snow but not cold Bn goes out on a long hike with light + packs (31st)ntg new clear

FEBRUARY 1st 1919

Reg am trick Get watch have in cleaned + Jewel reset cost 3 bones see picture at Y in eve CK Young. Living in a glass house (2nd)clear ntg new (3rd)on reg trick in PM work Extra for Pearson. I may get my new raincoat off duty at 6 PM (4th)clear get letter fm Mamie W + mailed Jan 18th (5th)on duty reg trick with E.H.A. start snowing in PM Pay day in eve the 147 Inf 35th Div give show at Bn YMCA 1030 P still snowing over 2 inches on gnd (6th)snow still on gnd. pictures at Bn YMCA. B.W. Compton left for school. Mail on 3 letters. A + B Guy Pearson comes back from Hospital of Neuteacheau looking fine (7th)on duty reg trick cool + getting colder, freezing 5 am began snowing hard noon still at it close to 3 inches on gnd by eve. 147 F.A. give concert at Y in eve getting colder (8th)still cold wind blwig entertainment by MG at Bn YMCA (9th)on reg trick, cold, ntg new sleep all day in eve still cold (10th)still cold in town in PM met kid fm Ks Nebr who knew Ray Gard(?) (11th)on reg trick (12th)ntg new movies at Bn YMCA (13th)on reg trick in town in eve with Guy for D + coffee (14th)schedule changed in am day man now Guy + I take walk Tourilles Mandes + Lumville more snow out that way than at Horville, concert in by FA good (15th)no inspection go to Houdelaincourt in truck at noon for foot Ball game of 88th + 5th ground too muddy for any kind of a good game score 0 to 0 Ben + I walk in after game stop at Gondrecourt + take in a movie at the YMCA some rain while cmg back (16th)last night we got word Wilkins died in Hospital at Toul(?) confirmed this am. on duty in PM first shift on day time rain all PM [Morgan sent with bunch from Monte Carlo to Labor bn by cortmarshal(sic) 6 mo. (17th)rain all day concert in eve by 351st Inf band some mail in 2 letters from Auntie (18th)on duty all day (19th)clear, in town in PM get pictures taken by Bricker. Movies at Bn Y in eve (20th)clear, on duty good show at Bn Y in eve by the 2nd Army called Dixie Flyers. (21st)ntg new Good show at Bn Y in eve by man + woman from NY rain in eve also Bn holiday (22nd)Washn Birthday Holiday on duty in PM Movie at Y in eve. (23)finest day yet, go in town in the am, lots of soldiers in town (24)clear on duty in PM, ntg new some mail in get 1st letter from Aunt Francis in several years (25th)in town in PM raining all PM hard get 2 orders for 40 dollars to send home (26th)on duty show at Y N.G. (27th)ntg new raining again mail in 6 letters, lights in our billet for 1st time good concert at Y by 121 F.A. also meet Geo + Robt Loader + Ray Oldger in Co H 139 Inf all from Industry Kansas they are located at EUVILLE near Commercy. (28th)on duty clear

 March 1st 1919

Fine day out picture taken of fire wagon + police force Bob Green comes back to Company go in town PM get D + coffee at SA + see movies at Y in Eve at Bn Y in eve a shown(sic) given by the 175 Inf brgade of 88th Div said to be good by all who saw it Time to be turned up 1 hour tonight midnight (2nd)on duty raining in eve again services at Y in Eve (3rd)started raining Agn in PM lecture in eve at Bn Y on women down + out by Dr Coleman(?) (4th)on duty Pay day entertainment at Y in PM 3 oclock by musical foursome girls from good old U.S.A. program fine. some rain (5th)Bricker leaves for Paris-Minnie also in town in PM Cloverleaf Players 88th Div show preform(sic) on eve at Bn Y more rain in PM (6th)on early trick for Bricker in PM work my regular trick "rain" (7th)First over seas innoculation 1 PM center of back 3 times as strong as all shots we got in Camp Dodge movies at our Y in eve they have a new machine traveling truck with generator Platform in rear. (8th)work for Bricker early am trick feeling OK didnt work my regular PM trick. The regular MP’s went in to Gondrecourt yesterday noon for traffic duty. show this eve at Y by 313 Sanitary train. (9th)clear take walk over to Lumeville in am with Johnston Bricker comes back fm Paris with the Mrs (10th)raining wrkg Brickers trick + mine in PM in town in evening told tonight Scott Bailey had his collar bone broken last Saturday eve on m-cycle (11th)fine day take walk with Guy to Madres + show at Y in eve Okla Trio 2 girl + man NG to tank(?) (12th)ntg new on duty. Cecil goes to town for Brickers of C Co who was arrested last night in town for driving drunk (13th)ntg new clear but cloudy bundle of papers from home (14th)on duty ntg new 120 F.A. gg thru towards Gondrecourt. show in eve at Y by our signal Talent (15th)no inspection fine day out movies in eve at "Y" "Robin Hood" not much force (16th)cold + cloudy mail fm home on duty in PM (17th)General clean up for general inspection tomorrow ntg new Bailey at supper from hospital (18th)snowing up till 10 am still snowing on + off day cloudy + cold review + General inspection by Maj General Wringel + colonel from General Pershing staff review at 11 am in PM 230P show by "Liberty Bells" fm NY 4 girls + 1 man best show yet hit camp on duty in PM and 2 hrs extra this am (19th)in town in PM sign Pay roll fair day out (20th)on duty in PM, show in eve by 312 F.A. 79th Division fine show 2 inches of snow on gnd when get up in am. (21th)chief gone to foot ball game at Bar sur aube raining in PM till bed time (22nd)snow on gnd in am, mail in am 3 letters from Ada putting in new generator 220V take old one out movies at Y in eve also a lecture by Pvt McDonald morale of the Army. on duty. (23rd)nice day out Bailey + I walk out to woods after dinner get letter from home at 830 P starts raining. Brickel back fm Nancy (24th) on duty hear first thunder + lightning also some hail in France in eve show by 270th Aero Squadron Good Ashenbach + Marden leave on pass south (25th) clear in am rain in PM go in town + see Basket ball game 88 VS28 score 23-22 favor 88th for finals corps championship (26th)on duty movies at Y in eve "A msg to Gurcia" Cuba-spanish war picture fair Ned + Guy get there shots in back (27th)Raining, mail in, ntg new, show in eve by Hq(?), F art very good, snowing hard after show + up until midnight. Sign Paris pass (28th)rain, sleet rain then snow very cold on duty in PM. Lecture at Y in eve by Miss Grant + Illustrated lecture by Mr on Jeanne D Arc (29th)is still raining + cold wind inspection I stand my second short arm inspection in France. rain mist all day wind blowing notified pass for Paris ready. (30th)get up for Bktfst 7 inches of snow on gnd by measurement + still snowing at it most rest of day Major Murphy Minstrels shows at Y in the eve ntg new (31st)leave early in am for Gondrecourt then Paris Leave "Gond" 830 am for "Bar Le duc" stay there over nite at "Hotel" 3 of us slim + shim in eve attend movie at Y tent.

April 1st 1919 in Paris France.

get up at 530 A leave on the 630 AM train for Paris going via Expressway(?). Chalon + chateau Therriey. arrive Paris 1 PM eat dinner at YMCA Hotel 5 of us get room at PARADIA Hotel.

April 2nd Paris

get our passes fixed at PM Hotel St Anne next take car west on Strasburg Blvd to west end of line then north on another car to wheel + Eiffel tower + red cross Bldg then go with Y man for a little walk to the war picture + then catch truck go to Neoplean(sic) tomb, Notre Dame, camber of Deputies, + Roman barracks built in 2nd century + church that shell from Big Bertha struck in 1917 that killed 80, 1st + last German planes brought down in big war + the french Ace of Aces machine he used when killed by the germans credit with 53 + unofficial with 105 German planes + bldg called the lost foot steps

April 3rd Paris.

915 take truck with YMCA on sight seeing Paris + see lots some I had before + Palace of justice + guns(?) in park get back at 12 + 115 take trip to Versailles great trip taking in Louis 14 palace + play grounds get back at supper time take in show in eve

April 4th Paris

ride around some + go out to Ferris wheel + take a ride on it + walk all the way back looking over the captured guns

April 5th Paris till 9 am

get up + take limited train out at 355 am for Bar-le-duc get in at 130 PM had to buy 1st class tickets to ride eat dinner at Bar le duc + leave at 450 P for Gondrecourt + arrive at 8 PM

April 6th (Gondrecourt)

clear + sun shinning(sic) wake in Paris + chief not back yet. Marden + Ed back fm South on pass (7th)rain in am on duty in PM also get my pay in eve 174 Francs clear + nice in PM ntg new Cecil back fm Paris (8th)wrk for Cecil in am in town in PM for ration money back in eve + see good movie at out YMCA (9th)clear mail in on duty in PM show in eve by 7th Division it was fair (10th)cloudy draw 13 letters in mail Shimnin(?) put in my name on a 7 day pass south. in eve raining (11th)on duty in PM said late we leave at 9 PM show by 55 inf fine. at 9 go into Gondrecourt + check in at depot. (12th)leave -- at 440 am arrive at Is sur tille 430 PM + eat supper stay over night see good show in eve at opera house. (13th)early in am go thru delousers. + also the big bakery. show in eve (14th)leave in PM load at 2 P leave yards at at 430 PM for Dijon Amberieu(?) (15th)arrive at Chamonix where we get off + stay for 7 days. I am at Hotel Etrangers.(16th)in PM take trip over + see Glacier des Bossons. Show + Pictures at Y in eve (17th)in am over to Servoz on train we then walk over to Gorges De La Diosaz then 5 of us with Y women walk over to St Loyet + St Gervais + catch train in eve back to Chamonix instead of walking back from Servoz (18th)ntg in am take 3 hr hike in PM up to Plan Des Chablettes get fine view of Mont Blanc + Chamonix we slide part way down (19th)go up to (Col De Voza) leave Y at 11 get back at 610 P take train to Les Houghes walk rest of way. up at top at 3 PM start back at 335 P (20th EASter SUNday)eat first Bkt at Hotel at 10 am we start on a trip to La Flageres but account of the snow slides Guide would not go up only as far as half way house 1534m we slid part of way down at House where we stopped we wanted to go farther so 3 PM we (5) decided to walk to Swisserland(sic) arrived at 630 PM town Chatelard stay for the nite on way we walked thru the long RR tunnel over 2 Kils long and saw 2 big avalanches + in one saw lots of others from a distance (21st)start back at 845 am arrive at Hote1230 PM stick around Y rest of day good show in eve. notified leave in am (22nd)leave Chamonix 1 PM for La Fayet on Electric line leave La Fayet 455 P for Is sur Lille. (23rd)arrive Is sur Lille 130 PM orders by Lt we wouldnt move till 10 Saturday AM. (24th)woken up after Bktfast all to be ready by 8 am with pack. dilly dally around load on at 930 am leave at 130 P for Gondrecourt via Neufchauteau arrive in Gon at 1030 walk out to Horville get in at 1115 PM (25th)work in PM + we all including MP’s turn in our guns + we have inspection by some colonel, see good picture at Y in eve titled (Brodway(sic) Arizona)some good / get 14 letters in mail this am (26th)no inspection order rec’d we are under comd’g general of S.O.S. rain in evening (27th)on duty in PM some chilly turn in my jerkin overshoes (28th)Cloudy, rain, snow, sleet, some sunshine in eve go in + see 88 Div show "Who Can Tell" fine (we also turn in watches knives + pliers. (29th)on duty in PM clear most of day snow in eve Meath gets back from Pass to Ireland Chief + Marden goes to Verdon for 48 hours. (30th)Cloudy snow most of day ntg new show in eve by 20 FA of 5th Division also very cold out

May 1st Still in Horville

(1st)Cloudy + raining all day. Allen transferred to us here, today sent over to sanitary train help little Morgan. (2nd)Cecil + Nessena leave on a pass for Lille 12 days. advance party leaves for La Mans abt 8 or 10 from B Co goes get Pay still raining Ashenbach + Marden back. Buliten(sic) says we leave 1st train 9th. Orchestra pit town up (3rd) on duty no rain until after dark clear out commissary closes tonight for good (4th)clear little mist in eve Ainsworth makes his first appearance at Horville took Bn horses to Nancy today. Rufas gets his Lille pass (5th)fine day out sun out + I am on duty little Morgan comes back with our Co from San train Bn issued there(sic)reserve rations (6th)another fine day Ted Johnson + I take a walk up the hill in PM bunch of Paris passes comes in (7th)Milan leaves for Paris on PM duty extra in Kitchen in eve till 10 P Chief + Marden stired(sic) up start rough house about midnight (8th)clean up + tere(sic) out all bunks make packs ready to leave in eve our packs are hauled down to station by truck we walk down to Gondrecourt to entrain at (9th)leave Gondrecourt at 445 am go via Neufchauteau, Dijon Bourges, Angers (10th)arrive SABLE 1045 PM Signal Corps get off Hdqrs + rest of train goes to La Suze (11th)Sunday nice out take in part of city (12th) market day for Sable every body out to buy + sell streets all full (13)check up all our stuff in billets by laying out our stuff. (14th)field inspection hot sun. dinner brought out to us abt 3 P Med officer arrive + give us cootie inspection. hard rain in eve (15th)turn in our ticks in am no news. (16th)word we learn in am all fix our packs 945 P we leave our barracks for depot (17th)445 am train in + we load on 5 am we leave for St Nazaine(?) via Nates Angers arrive 315 P. then march out about 4 Kils to camp + eat supper then have cootie inspection + short arm again at 730 we again pack + leave for camp / issoclation(sic) camp (18)Sunday up at 830 A nice day on K.P. in afternoon coffee detail (19th) ntg new in am 1 PM word we leave in eve advance party leaves at 4 PM for boat. leave camp at 8 P for dock load on at 1030 P sleep rest of night. (20th)pull out at 7 am turn our time back one hour run in a storm (21st)storm worst (22)worst (23)storm calm’g down sea quite a bit smoother 1230 P we pass a freighter go same direction. (24)calm to what it was supper we pass one sail boat and 8 Pine(?) pass another in PM wind coming up getting rough boat rocking to port lots. (25th)Sunday am 7 calm passing another freighter and I port Oceola and meet one freighter (26th)sea calmest been yet sun out pass one ship in distance (27)Sea little rough boat rocking pass one boat (28th)given turkey dinner at sea by Navy crew of ship pass 1 ship + met 1 freighter 830 P pass light ship at sea sea real calm (29th)sea calm last day in water dock at 3 PM at Bruch Terimal(sic) Brooklyn Ferry over to Long Island RR depot on Babylon. Train to Camp Mills get off same place did last year arrive at Barracks 930 P eat supper + at 11 P start for delouser (30)declaration day Camp Mills nice day. Bailey + I take walk around the camp (31st)on KP first time this year + get first mail since arrival here + see first Vaudeville show at Liberty Theatre

June 1st 1919 Camp Mills N York

Williams, Moore, + I go over to Rockaway Beach Long Island Take in movie in Eve (2nd)warm ntg new only we got our camp clearance papers now wait for transportation (3rd)warm + hot see show in eve at J. W. Board. (4th)said to be hottest June day here for many years, on Policing detail but we did ntg see good movie in eve. Buletin up I go to Taylor (5th)little cooler ntg new some mail in op(?) stuff I get 4 letters take walk in eve around camp + stopp(sic) + watch em dance at Recation(sic) hall (7th)roll call 630 am leave for train 745 a entrain 830 am at Garden City Clinton roads Pull out at 845 am NY 1030 am No Phila 2 PM Harrisburg 815 PM (8th)arrive Cincinnati 430 PM Leave over L + N 540 P Suburb 615 P DDL header arrive. Louisville 10 P out to Taylor over Sou + unload 11 PM (6th)word in am we leave for tent city except the dodge bunch leave at 210 P meet out left over bunch coming in from boat with Engrs 9th)in am turn in our clothing PM take final physical Examination go in Louisville in eve for a hr or so (19th)Sign Pay roll, Service record back + back of Discharge. work 1 hr KP after dinner (11th)discharge takes effect today June 11-1919 get it + paid in am abt 10 am back to barracks Entertainment eat Dinner + supper Then Take Street for Station Take B. + O. out at 930 Pm for St Louis arrive (12th)arrive 8 am leave MoPoe 905 a arrive Sedalia 205 PM with Eddie Plummel in Eve go out to Willis Solomon (13th)still at Solomon out in PM to see Uncle Henry + Aunt. (14)go out to John instead of using KC ticket (15th)Out to John in PM Hollie drives over to Henrys. (16th)John + Henry fixes up the Binder in am + start on John no heat in PM. (17th)in am Hollie brings me in town go out to Willis for dinner in eve come in with Charlie + catch 510 P train for KC arrive 845 P leave KC 1115 P for DM over RI (18th)arrive DM 745 am 30 mins late fone the Mrs + then come out see Ada in eve surprise her she not knowing I was in town. (19th)show in eve. (20th)Ada off for PM rain in eve dont go any place (21st)over for dinner to Dora’s (22nd)Dora over for lunch (23rd)circus day but Ada not well + we didnt go. (24th)See Birth of A Race in eve at Rialto Theatre very good (25th)Leave in am 1140 DM for Keota arrive 550 P Rock Island (26th)in Keota 27-28-29 Uncle Aunt + Mays fellow take May over to Fairfield in car also see Tommy + Ruth 6 yrs ago Walter drowned (30th)leave on 450 550 P for Washn arrive 650 P

July 1st 1919

1st leave Wash RI no 11 1226 am for KC arrive 9 am 30 mins late see Asst Supt + Chief Dispr job OL hold my rights get pass home + return to KC over to see Ruth a few hours Take 695 no 119 for Abilene arrive home 1110 P

July 2-3-4-5

6-7 at home

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