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Major Russ won the "Citation Star" for actions in the war.  In 1932, the Citation Star (initially created by Wilson in 1918) was re-named the "Silver Star" and all Citation Star recipients could have the replacement award sent to them upon proof of ownership.

The following information is extracted from "Roster of the Men and Women Who Served in the Army or Naval Service (Including the Marine Corps) of the United States or its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918 Volume 4 Rich to Zygmond" as obtained by Alan L. Russ from, 28 Apr 2000:

"Name: George Henry Russ, Jr.
Army #: none
Registrant: no, enlisted prior
Birth Place: Brooklyn, N. Y.
Birth Date: 13 Jul 1880
Parent's Origin: of American parents
Occupation: banker
Comment: enrolled in the First Officers Training Camp at Fort Snelling, Minn., on May 14, 1917; commissioned Captain on Aug. 15, 1917; called into active service and sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa; assigned to 88th Division, 352nd Infantry, to discharge. Promoted: Major, May 29, 1918; overseas from
Aug. 3, 1918, to June 1, 1919. Engagement: Defensive Sector: Center (Alsace). Discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, on June 15, 1919, as a Major. Previous military record: Pennsylvania National Guard, from March 15, 1897, to May 12, 1898. Spanish-American War service, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, April 27, 1898, to March 11, 1899. Pennsylvania National Guard, July 10, 1899, to Sept. 3, 1901. Cited in General Orders No. 23, Headquarters, 88th Division, AEF, Army Post office No. 795, France, April 29,
1919, as follows: "On the morning of November 2, 1918, in C. R., of Badricourt, Alsace, Major George H. Russ, Jr., was in the act of returning from a tour of inspection of observation posts located near the front line, when hostile artillery (150's) opened shrapnel fire on line of redoubts. A supply wagon and water cart were caught in this fire. The spokes were shot out of the wheels of the supply wagon, and large pieces of shrapnel struck the water cart. On seeing a third wagon about to enter the zone of fire,
this officer, without regard to his personal safety, passed through the zone and ordered this wagon back to the Battalion P. C. After a few minutes observation of the character of the fire, this officer saw that it was creeping toward an outpost consisting of a squad in position in a shallow trench, and that they would soon be directly in line of the fire. Here again, with great coolness and fortitude, he passed back through the zone under fire and ordered the squad forward out of danger, setting an example of bravery which inspired his command. Entitled to wear a silver star. Awarded Spanish War Service Medal."

As the record above indicates, Major Russ also served in the Spanish-American War.  There is still some confusion as to whether George retired from the service as a major (per above) or as a lieutenant colonel (as other records suggest).

Photo  and bio courtesy of Jon Mattes

Major Russ was his great-uncle.


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