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The history of the 88th Division may be said to have commenced on the 25th of August, 1917, at which time, in compliance with the war department order, Major General Edward H. Plummer arrived at Camp Dodge and assumed command. He was directed to organize a division according to the following order:

plummer.jpg (79899 bytes)Division headquarters

Headquarters Troop

337th Machine Gun Division

175th Infantry Brigade

349th Infantry

350th Infantry

338th Machine Gun Battalion

176th Infantry Brigade

351st Infantry

339th Machine Gun Battalion

163rd Field Artillery Brigade

337th Field Artillery

338th Field Artlliery

339th Field Artlliery

313th Trench Mortar Battery

313th Engineers

313th Train Headquarters and Military Police

313th Ammuntion Train

313th Supply Train

313th Sanitary Train


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Headquarters were established in an old brick house near the southwest end of camp and the following assignments made for division staff:

Major Sam M. Parker, Division Adjutant
Major Cary I. Crockett, Division Inspector and Acting Chief of Staff
Lt. Col. Henry C. Bonnycastle, Division Quartermaster
Lt. Col. Jay B. Shook, Division Surgeon
Major Clarence G. Fronk, Division Sanitary Inspector
Major Clyde L. Eastman, Division Signal Officer
Major Win. A. Graham, Division Judge Advocate
1st Lt. George N. Northrop, Division Statistical Officer
2d Lt. Michael M. Kinkead, Division Statistical Officer
2d Lt. Nazard M. Coursolle, Division Statistical Officer

In addition to these the following assignments were made among general and field officers who had reported:

Brig. Gen. Charles C. Ballon, 175th Infantry Brigade (never joined Brigade)
Brig. Gen. William D. Beach, 176th Infantry Brigade
Brig. Gen. Stephen M. Foote, 163d Field Artillery Brigade
Brig. Gen. Robert N. Getty, 163d Depot Brigade
Col. George E. Houle, 349th Infantry
Col. Clyde E. Hawkins, 352d Infantry
Col. George R. Greene, 337th Field Artillery
Col. Samuel C. Vestal, 339th Field Artillery
Col. Harrison J. Price (later Brigadier General)
Col. Girard Siturtevant, 163d Depot Brigade
Col. James P. llarbeson, Division Trains
Lt. Col. John J. Ryan, 349th Infantry
Lt. Col. Rush S. Wells, 350th Infantry
Lt. Col. James F. McKinley, 351st Infantry
Lt. Cot. Francis W. Honeycutt, 338th Field Artillery
Lt. Col. Robert R. Wallach, 313th Ammunition Train
Lt. Col. Robert P. Howell, 313th Engineers
Major R. B. Ellis, 351st Infantry
Major Horace N. Munro, 350th Infantry
Major Henry A. Meyer, 352d Infantry
Major Arthur J. Lynch, 349th Infantry
Major Peter J. Hennessey, 34.9th infantry
Major William J. O’Loughlin, 337th Machine Gun Battalion
Major George R. Somerville, 338th Machine Gun Battalion
Major Thomas H. Cunningham, 339th Machine Gun Battalion

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